Friday, 14 Aug 2020

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It's time to give recognition to women who overcome major obstacles

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Dr. Gulshan Akter

Today we celebrated International Women’s Day to thank you our mothers who nurture us in a special way, our sisters who understand us in a way nobody else can, and our daughters who we would do anything to protect.

Our world is based on balance and it goes without saying that there are many great men in the world as well, but today is a time to give thanks and recognition to the women who have overcome the major obstacles that only women understand.

Here at Bangladesh Centre we, the Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary (BCAOC) we were proud to host this event with the presence of many incredible speakers, social activists, community leaders such as Dr. Fizza Rafiq, Saima Jamal and many others, we were also attended by our President of BCAOC Mohammed Roshid, General Secretary-Joyanto Bosu, Vice President and Health and Wellness Secretary-Dr. Gulshan Akter, Vice President Rita Karmakar, many other executive officers, advisors and general community members.

Our news was covered by few national and international news media and TV channels as CTV- Canada.

As his opening speech our President of BCAOC Mr. Roshid extended his thanks to everyone and showed his appreciation for the women in his lives!

After the International Women’s Day celebration we have inaugurated our first ever ladies forum.

The writer - 1.Vice President and Health and Wellness Secretary of Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary (BCAOC)

2. President  & CEO Peerless Training Institute.

3.MD, Canadian Institute for Advanced Education BD.