Website on female mental health to be launched soon
Friday, 28 Dec 2018 16:43 pm
Reporter :

Health Desk-28 Dec’18: There are millions of women who are suffering from depression. But 99 percent of these never visited any psychiatrist. Mainly unaware and ignorance are its main reasons. Most of the women do not understand that they are suffering from depression.

Keeping these women in mind, the Access to Information (a2i) and the Ministry of Women and Children are going to launch a service-oriented website through the Women Innovation Camp.

With the launching of the website, officials concerned said, the women will get all information relating to health, especially mental health, through it.

The women, particularly after giving birth to child, suffer from depression due to parturition. They will get a way of overcoming from this disease through this website. Besides, there will be information about the nurture of the children in the website.

The main planner of the website is Monira Hossain, who is an acid terrorism victim.

Monira said: “I myself am a sufferer … I feel that an acid burnt woman goes through how much mental disorder. Mainly from that position, I started thinking about doing something for the women.”

Through this website, she said, the women can know other healthcare services of the government.

Psychiatrist Dr Anwarul Islam said: “Many people of our country call psychological problem as a mental disease and also consider the visiting of the doctors for depression as luxury.”