Health Talk on Orthopedics, Neprology, Oncology in city
Sunday, 08 Jul 2018 13:38 pm
Reporter :

Noman Patwary-- July 8, 2018: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi in association with medeCUBE Healthcare India Pvt Ltd organized a Health Talk on Orthopedics, Neprology and Oncology at Hamidur Rahman Sinha Lounge, Dhaka Club Ltd., Dhaka on Friday evening.

People from different walks of life participated the event to gather knowledge regarding their interested fields. Question session was also organized in the event to reply patients’ and participants’ queries.

Dr. Kailash N Singh, Senior Consultant, Nephrology & Multi-Organ Transplant Unit; Dr. Dipanjan Panda, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology; and Dr. Yash Pal Gulati, Senior Consultant, Orthopedics, Joints & Spine Surgery, Padma Shri National Award Winner, delevered their important talk on their respected expertise fields.

In his speech, Dr. Kailash N Singh, presented how kidneys works and how to prevent related diseases easily.

Dr. Dipanjan Panda, in his speech, briefed what are the basic differences between cancer and other diseases. He, however, stressed on awareness about cancer and early detection.

In his speech, Dr. Yash Pal Gulati, said, proper treatment can ensure early cure in Orthopedics, Joints and Spine Surgery. He also presented a video presentation and disclosed how patients recovered their barriers within weeks to walk freely.