Chennai clinic to offer free breast reconstruction
Saturday, 24 Feb 2018 12:28 pm
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Health Desk: 24 Feb’18: A government hospital in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has launched a clinic that offers free breast reconstruction surgery.

The Stanley Hospital, which was already performing free breast reconstruction for cancer survivors, will now also offer free breast alteration surgery.

The procedures will be largely free for patients on low incomes.

Tamil Nadu has one of India's best healthcare delivery systems.

Breast reconstruction surgery can cost upwards of 80,000 rupees ($1,233; £880) in private hospitals.

The clinic will offer three types of procedures: reconstruction for cancer patients, breast augmentation for those with small breasts and breast reduction for those with large breasts, Dr V Rama Devi, head of plastic surgery at the hospital in Chennai (formerly Madras), told the BBC.

While breast reduction and reconstruction will be free, women seeking augmentation will have to pay for implants.

Courtesy: BBC Health