Birth control pills still raise Breast Cancer risk
Thursday, 07 Dec 2017 15:49 pm
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Health Desk: 7th Dec'17: Even newer lower-dose birth control pills raise a woman’s risk of breast cancer, although the actual danger is "quite small," researchers reported.

Hormone-infused devices such as vaginal rings, implants, and some IUDs also appear to raise the risk, although again not by much, the study found.

It’s a disappointment to doctors who had hoped that lower doses of hormones in both oral and non-pill contraceptives might be safer than older birth control pills. But they stress there is no need for most women to abandon birth control pills for fear of breast cancer.

"When we look at all comers, the absolute overall increased risk of breast was one extra case of breast cancer for every 7,690 women using hormonal contraception for one year,” said Dr. Rebecca Starck, a gynecologist at the Cleveland Clinic, who was not involved in the study.