Thali’s customers are part of my family: Urmi Mahmood
Sunday, 26 Nov 2017 15:18 pm
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Bibi Fatema khatun: Nov 26, 2017: Urmi Mahmood has proven herself as a successful model, actress, and anchor. She came to the limelight after participating in the Lux Channel I Superstar competition and secured her position in top ten.

She is one of the most versatile stars in her age. Urmi Mahmood is mostly popular among her fans for anchoring. She was an anchor in Rtv’s beauty related program, Bangla Vision’s dance reality show ‘ Mangoli Nacho Bangladesh Nacho’ and through these programs, she was highly admired. Besides, she also acted in several drama and advertisements.

In her personal life, she is a proud mom of a daughter and a loving wife. Now she is little busy with her personal life. Recently she started Restaurant business. But she will continue her journey with media. Her restaurant ‘Thali’ is at Dhanmondi.

Urmi Mahmood talked with over the phone. The summary of our interview is given below for our readers-

amarhealth: Why restaurant Business?

Urmi Mahmood: Actually this was my dream. It is one of my many dreams and there are so many restaurants in Dhaka city but its still hard to find a restaurant with hygienic food and healthy environment.

amarhealth: Do you think that Thali is different from other restaurants?

Urmi Mahmood: Yeah! We are very careful in selecting ingredients. We serve fresh and good quality food.

amarhealth: Which thing matters most in determining Thali’s foods taste?

Urmi Mahmood: Customer’s health is our main concern. Our food is not oily but spicy and of course healthy.

amarhealth: Have you taken any steps to maintain a hygienic environment of the restaurant?

Urmi Mahmood: Washroom facilities are not adequate in restaurants especially in Dhanmondi area. most of the restaurant’s washroom is so small. There is no separate washroom for male and female. And for this reason, both men, women, and children have to use the same washroom which is really unhygienic. Thali has three washrooms; one for male, one for female and one is common washroom.

amarhealth: what is the specialty of food?

Urmi Mahmood: Indian food is the main attraction of Thali. We have Indian chef that's why our customers can get pure Indian taste.

amarhealth: How is the environment of the kitchen?

Urmi Mahmood: I am very concerned about this issue. Personally, i am very aware of cleanliness. Besides my family, friends come here regularly to take food. I think Thali’s customers are part of my family.

amarhealth: Arrangements for children's entertainment?

Urmi Mahmood: Children get healthy playing environment here. There are art tools for children which are helpful for their mental growth.

amarhealth: Are you working in media now?

Urmi Mahmood: I want to do good works that's why I carefully select my work.

amarhealth: You are so fit after being a mother. Share some health tips with our readers.

Urmi Mahmood: Healthy food and regular physical exercise are necessary for everybody. I also maintain these rules.

amarhealth: Tips for the winter season?

Urmi Mahmood: There is no alternative to take bath every day. If needed they can use hot water.

amarhealth: Say something for amarhealth readers.

Urmi Mahmood: I want to say to amarhealth readers that come to my Thali and accept my hospitality.