Comilla Medical College and Hospital in tatters
Friday, 30 Jun 2017 15:23 pm
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Health Desk--- 30 June, 2017: Medical services at Comilla Medical College and Hospital have been hampering for a long time due to shortage of required staff and other facilities.

Established in 1992, the medical college was upgraded into 500-bed from 250-bed capacity in 2008 but the manpower remained the same, according to the sources.  

They also said as many as 111 posts out of 702 at the hospital have been lying vacant for a long time, which is hampering medical services to the patients.  

On average, some 850 patients got admitted to the hospital everyday while 1,200 patients take medical treatment from the outdoor department of the hospital. The physicians and nurses of the hospital are suffering much to manage the situation.

Patients from Brahmanabria, Chandpur, Feni, Laxmipur and Noakhali districts also go to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

A city scan machine was set up in the hospital in 2006 but it remained out of service since 2014 while the only magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine also remained out or order for the last five years, the sources said.

Besides, all the 13 incubators of the infant incentive care unit had long been lying out of order while 11 radiant warmers out of 12 are out of service.


Courtesy: The Daily Sun