World Health Day on 7th April --Depression: Let’s talk
Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017 16:17 pm
Reporter :

Special Correspondent—April 05, 2017: The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7th April across the globe with colorful events. The slogan of this year is 'Depression: Let’s talk'. Bangladesh will also celebrate the day with government and private initiative.

This is why we want to know—how to find its solution? Online health portal has taken an exceptional initiative in order to raise mass awareness about autism.  

The program will be held at Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) Auditorium on Friday at 03pm (7th April, 2017).

Depression is a mental disease which is a cause of sufferings and it leads to death too. It’s a matter of high concern that the man dies from depression, is ignorant about the fact. When a person fails to see the ray of hope and thinks that none is with him, takes the path of suicide. Sometimes a man can be infected with several fatal diseases for the cause of depression. Experts believe that only lack of awareness can lead persons to critical situation.

Considering the context of Bangladesh, has designed the program with colorful events including, seminar, discussion, show-debate, cultural program etc. Hopefully, a wide range of awareness will be promoted among the people.

A considerable number of noted psychiatrists will also address the program among others. 

Soon after the speech of speakers, Dr. Rownak Afroz will join the program through a teleconference from Los Angeles of America.

The show-debate will also be held titled on ‘Only lack of public awareness is one of the obstacles to treatment for mental diseases’. The program will come to the end through a colorful cultural event. will organize the programme with Dr. Apurba Pandit in the chair.