Friday, 04 Dec 2020

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‘Egg freezing 10-year limit should be scrapped’

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Health Desk- 30 Sep 2020: The 10-year limit for storing eggs frozen for social reasons could be scrapped to give people concerned about declining fertility more time and options, says a UK ethics body.

Nuffield Council on Bioethics says consumers also need more data on costs and success rates to inform choices.

It criticises methods used by some companies to sell the service.

The government is assessing the 10-year rule. Eggs or sperm frozen for medical reasons can be stored for longer.

The Nuffield team says research suggests women can feel under pressure to freeze their eggs to avoid regrets later in life, and it is important that marketing strategies do not exploit these anxieties.

Some services have used Prosecco-fuelled marketing events and computer algorithms to target women online with adverts, says Nuffield.

The NHS only funds egg freezing for medical reasons, not social ones.

Someone who has their eggs frozen for medical reasons - in advance of cancer treatment, for example - can apply to have them stored for up to 55 years.

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