Sunday, 17 Nov 2019

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Expired drugs in pharmacies ‘not unusual’: Papon

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Health Desk-15 June, 2019: Availability of date-expired medicines in the country’s drugstores is “not unusual” and there is “no reason to be worried”, said Nazmul Hasan Papon, president of Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries, on Friday.

He claimed that only “top 20” pharmaceutical industries usually collect back expired drugs.

However, he could not confirm whether all the companies follow standard operating procedure to safely destroy expired medicines.

On Monday, Monjur Mohammad Shahriar, deputy director of Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection, said they found expired medicines in 93 percent of the 200 pharmacies in the capital where it conducted drives for over six months.

According to Directorate General of Drug Administration, pharmacy owners must check for expired medicines every week, maintain a list and keep those separate for drug companies to replace.

Also, standard operating procedure (SOP) must be maintained to destroy expired medicines, according to WHO.

Papon was speaking to journalists at his residence in Dhaka’s Gulshan in response to the recent claim that “93 percent of pharmacies in Dhaka city keep expired medicines”.

Papon, however, did not dismiss the claim.