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Drug sector shows ray of hope in stock market

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Health Desk: 24 January 2018: Bankers have opposed thought of central bank about reducing of ADR. Association of Bankers has reached a letter to the Bangladesh Bank (BB). As a result investors to stock market have expressed hope.

Following this both index and transaction have started to rise rapidly. Investors in this connection said, ‘In spite of increasing in the last two to three days, there was a huge shortage in transaction. But the transaction has started to increase again which is positive side for the market.

According to information of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), transaction in the DSE was Tk 502 crore only on Monday. After 11 working days, more than Tk 500 crore were exchanged in the market.

Total price in DSE increased up to 47 point. For the increase of index in DSE, both medicine and chemical played a very important role.

Square Pharmaceuticals played the top vital role. Besides, ACI and Renata also played giant role to increase index. It was learnt that due to start of work at Kenya, Square Pharmaceuticals has won the hearts of local investors. The company said that it would marketing its medicine to several African countries.