Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

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Unicef urges to support Rohingya kids, families

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Health Desk: 17th Nov’18: Unicef has called on the international community to continue working with the governments and civil society of Bangladesh and Myanmar in support of Rohingya children and families, towards longer-term solutions to this crisis, based on respect for and protection of the human rights of all Rohingya people.

So whilst the situation in Myanmar remains incredibly worrying, we also have concerns for Rohingya children in Bangladesh,’ said Unicef spokesperson in Geneva Christophe Boulierac at a press briefing in Geneva on Friday, reports UNB.

This week we have seen widespread reports that Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh may be forcibly repatriated to Myanmar, reports that Unicef views with the utmost concern, with particular concern at how such a move would affect children,’ said Boulierac.

The camp authorities reinforced the message that while they are ready to repatriate refugees on a voluntary basis, no Rohingya refugees will be forced to return to Myanmar if they do not wish to do so,’ he said.

The spokesperson said education remains high on their list of concerns - particularly for teenagers in the camp.

Their plight was outlined by Unicef in a child alert released in August this year.