Monday, 25 Jun 2018

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Children being addicted to "Digital drug"

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Health Desk—April 19, 2017: The phenomenon that witnesses children to be glued to digital devices appeared to have emerged as a severe health threat with experts of late preferring to call it "digital drug".

Experts said the children of most of the working parents found video games in tabs or smart phones as only means of their entertainment and most cases the devices fully occupy them for four to five hours a day.

American clinical psychologist Dr. Nicholas Kardaras termed this type of addiction as 'digital drugs'.

Digital device's harmfulness has been proved scientifically worldwide with researches suggesting them to cause both physically and psychological harms including headache and eyesight problems.

Many parents spend time unconsciously on the Facebook sitting at home and the children plays games or are being addicted in pornography. By doing so, they unknowingly waste time. Many go to bed late night after using these devices.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Information in 2013, 83 percent child living Dhaka are eager to play in playgrounds in their neighbourhod, 73 percent want a cultural organization in their society, 76 percent seek amusement parks in their area.

However, 67 percent children said there should be a physical organization or a gym.