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Poisonous gas kills three madrasa kids in Chandpur

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Health Desk- September 1, 2019: Three boys, who were found dead under unclear circumstances on Friday, died after inhaling poisonous gas in Matlab Dakkhin upazila, according to autopsy reports.

The three Bhangarpar Madrasa students were found unconscious in a small room adjacent to the mosque in the afternoon. Two of them died before they could be taken to hospital. Another boy died minutes after he was hospitalised.

Chandpur police chief Jihadul Kabir said the room was too small and had no window. Poisonous gas was produced by three IPS batteries in the room. The children fell sick after inhaling the gas and died, he said.

The deceased were Abdullah Al Noman, 10, Ibrahim, 10, and Rifat, 8.