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Conjoined twins successfully separated

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Health Desk- 3 August, 2019: Conjoined twins – Rabeya and Rukaya  – who were joined at the head were recovering on Friday after Hungarian surgeons performed a marathon 30-hour operation to separate their skulls and brains.

The three-year-old twins suffered from a rare embryological disorder affecting an estimated one in every five to six million births.

They were “stable after the final separation,” said Andras Csokay, a neurosurgeon with the Action for Defenceless People Foundation (ADPF) that organised the 35-strong Hungarian surgical team, reports AFP.

After the separation at Dhaka’s Combined Military Hospital, Csokay’s team began to cover the wound area with soft tissues generated by a tissue expansion process carried out in Hungary.

Rafiqul Islam, the father of the twins, was relieved and overjoyed. “The doctors have separated my babies. I have seen them with my own eyes. They are now fine,” said Islam, a teacher from the rural northwestern district of Pabna.

He praised the doctors and added: “I hope my daughters will fully recover and grow up healthy and have a normal life.” Before the surgery doctors had said there was only a 50 percent chance of the twins surviving.