Thursday, 21 Mar 2019

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Study claims bath additives for child eczema ineffective

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Health Desk--4th May, 2018: A recent trial has found that bath oils used to help treat eczema in children offer no meaningful benefit.

Emollient bath additives are estimated to make up as much as a third of the cost of treating eczema in the UK.

But a new trial found "no evidence of clinical benefit" when they were used in addition to other treatments for the condition.

Experts said it suggested the £23m spent each year by the NHS on the additives could be used better.

Although there was evidence that leave-on emollients and soap substitutes were effective, until now there had been a lack of strong research on how well bath additives worked, authors of this new paper said.

The report was published in the BMJ.

Courtesy: BBC Health