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‘Milk is helpful food for sound child health’

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Health Desk-- June 10, 2017: Experts said that all growing children should be habituated to milk consumption for making them talented and innovative.

Dr Saiful Islam, Upazila Livestock Officer in Rajshahi, said that milk is an ideal food. It contains 18 of the 22 nutrients needed on a daily basis.

Calcium and vitamin D help construction of teeth and skeleton in children and prevent osteoporosis in adults.

Dr Saiful mentioned that conjugated linoleic acid found mainly in milk and dairy products provides several health benefits including prevention of atherosclerosis, different types of cancer and hypertension.

Apart from, trans-palmitoleic acid a substance found in dairy fat which substantially reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed keeps brain cool and helps sound sleep.

Many of the people including children suffer from malnutrition specially lacking of animal protein like milk, meat and egg, said Prof Jalal Uddin Sarder from Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Rajshahi University.

Dr Hemayetul Islam, General Secretary of Bangladesh Livestock Society, suggested imposing ban on advertisement of baby foods which are injurious to health in both print and electronic media. There is no way but to ensure nutritious foods to the children for building a healthy generation.

Mentionable that lactose is very essential for development of brain cells and nervous system of children.

It's repeatedly notable that parents have a vital role to make their kids habituated in milk consumption, the experts added. 


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