Monday, 09 Dec 2019

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Overweight women's babies are 3.5 times more at diabetes risk

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Desk Report- June 28, 2019: Gaining some weight during the nine months of pregnancy is obvious but gaining too much weight doesn’t not only puts you but also your baby's health at risk. One of these health risks includes an increased chance of getting diabetes.

A recent study said that babies born to obese mothers are three times more likely to develop Type-2 diabetes later in their life. These babies get over-nutrition in the form of sugar, insulin and hormones in the womb while they are still developing, which might potentially alter their metabolism.

According to an expert from the UK, this research adds to the fact that the time we spend in our mother’s womb can shape our future.

The researchers tracked 1,18,000 Scottish children who were born between 1950 and 2011 and linked this data with health record from the national register for those diagnosed with diabetes in Scotland. Other factors like maternal history of diabetes before pregnancy, high BP and the stage of pregnancy when the mother’s weight was measured were also kept into consideration.        

Courtesy: Times of India