Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019

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Health Hack : Stay cool on Pahela Baishakh

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Health Desk-13 April, 2019:  With temperature going above 30 degree Celsius on April 14, don't let the heat dampen your Baishakhi celebration. Here's what you can do to keep your cool: 

1. Drink more water. Whenever your body heats up, your internal air conditioner turns on and you begin to sweat. And when your air conditioner is using its coolant (your sweat), it is important to refill the tank by drinking lots of water.

2. Be an early bird. Go out after break of dawn and try to wrap up the outdoor part of your celebration by 12pm. You can always bring the celebration indoor and have a great time.

3. Know your cooling points e.g., your wrist and neck. If you are stuck in the heat and cannot get to a cooler place, apply ice (or any other cold object) to these pulse points; you will cool down more quickly and effectively.

4. Eat cooling foods. Consuming food items that keep your body cool from within certainly helps. In other words, panta bhaat is a winner.