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Keep your body healthy in Eid-ul-Azha

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Health Desk--21 August, 2018: Usually spicy dishes are arranged on the occasion of Eid ul-Adha, which is rich in lime, red pepper, and hot spices. It is important to remain healthy in the time when there is abundance of meat. As the sacrifice of meat contains natural oils, so use less amount of oil and spices for a healthy body. Use green peppers instead of red peppers or grinding them. Instead of cooking meat in a hurry, allow the blood to be completely removed, or it can cause many diseases, such as abortion and abdominal pain etc.

However, the following tips will help you to ensure better health.

Eat less and feel full

Red meat (beef, lamb and mutton) is high in cholesterol. Do not indulge in excessive intake of red meat as they will harm your health in long-term and your heart can get adversely affected. Also avoid the fatty part of meat to maintain your health. Note that too much red meat does not let you remain healthy.

Walk regularly for a better stomach

Taking a walk will enable your stomach to work properly and will make it able to digest food.

Meal should be routine wise  

One of the abuses we find in our society is lack of routine in eating food especially on the occasion like Eid. You should keep your routine intact even during Eid to be healthy.

Six hrs break between meals

The delay between two consecutive meals should not be less than 6 hours at least. It allows the food to be digested properly.

Vegetables to avoid constipation

To avoid constipation ample consumption of fruits and vegetables alongside meat is highly recommended. Include plenty of salads when having large meals of meat.