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Vitamin D can cut heart failure risk, study finds

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Health Desk: 10 March 2018: Besides helping build strong bones and muscles, Vitamin D may also protect heart tissue and prevent heart failure after a heart attack, finds a study conducted on mice.

Heart failure is a life-threatening condition affecting an estimated 23 million people worldwide.

Vitamin D prevents excessive scarring and thickening of heart tissue following a heart attack, which may help reduce the risk of heart failure.

“This is a problem because scarring of heart tissue can reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood effectively, which can lead to heart failure,” said James Chong, associate professor at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research in Australia.

 “Our research shows that vitamin D actually blocks the cCFU-Fs from forming scar tissue. By blocking cCFU-Fs, vitamin D may play an important role in lowering the risk of heart failure after a heart attack,” Chong said.

Courtesy-- IANS