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We shouldn’t eat food while on the move

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Health Desk: Oct 29, 2017---Due to several reasons we tend to bring our breakfast with us in the vehicles. Though we think that this habit will make no harm but specialists say if people tend to eat food on the go might face serious problems. A number of reasons why we should not eat food while on the move given bellow. 


This is the biggest issue for office goers who are always on the move. In an effort to save time, you keep food in the car and take food packed in boxes, so that you can eat while in transit. Food requires a relaxed body to get digested properly.


Ever had that feeling where your food refuses to settle down even if you ate two hours ago? That’s your body’s way of telling you where you went wrong. Chances are you ate food while you were moving, either in the car or in the metro or were simply walking, and the digestive juices kept getting irritated because of this movement.


Getting that feeling where your food is rolling in your stomach and no matter how much coke you have, it just won’t go away. This is because while you were on the move, your food didn’t get proper time to secrete its juices.


Drinking milk in a hurry and leaving for work or drinking protein shakes while on your way to work or back from gym can give you an upset stomach or nausea. This is because milk solids are heavy for your stomach to digest. Milk should be consumed in a relaxed manner, no matter what form.


Coffee and tea are our favourites on the go. The new millennial just cannot keep themselves up without it. If you have been experiencing an increased bladder activity, this may be due to the fact that you keep drinking caffeine on the go. Refrain from this to avoid acidity as well.


No matter how much we try to control ourselves, gas stuck in our body can make us severely uncomfortable. If you are in the habit of drinking caffeinated and carbonated drinks on the go, there are higher chances of you experiencing this discomfort of gas.


Courtesy: Times of India