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Spider can cure erectile dysfunction

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Health Desk: May 15, 2017--Erectile dysfunction may be one of the most widespread and damaging of sexual issues plaguing men with age and a stressful lifestyle, but there are several effective and even bizarre ways to treat this condition and enable men to save their sex life.

While pills, exercises and yoga have been suggested as conventional means to keep erectile dysfunction at bay, how far are men willing to go for ensuring a healthy relationship? It seems a brush with death might hold the key to tackling the ailment which is a serious cause for concern.

The venom of a lethal Brazilian wanderer spider is known to give men long and extremely painful erections, but it may be the answer to erectile dysfunction as scientists have identified the fraction that causes the erection. They are hoping to develop a cure free from all side effects, which are present in Viagra.

The spider is known to wander into urban areas and has so far killed 14 people, and a woman was forced to leave her house in England after finding wanderer spiders in banana she had bought.