Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

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Cleaning products linked to poorer lung function


Health Desk--17 February, 2018: A new research has suggested that regular exposure to cleaning products significantly affects lung function.

The study

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Eating slowly can help to lose weight


Health Desk: 14 February 2018: Trying to shed those extra kilos? Chewing slowly and refraining from eating for two hours

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‘Smart thermometer’ can predict flu spread


Health Desk: 12 February 2018:According to scientists a  “smart thermometer” connected to a mobile phone app can track flu activity

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Do cellphones cause cancer?


Health Desk: 06 February 2018: The latest studies from the federal government show that maybe, at the highest doses for

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Eat greens to reduce stroke risk


Health Desk: 29 January 2018: According to researchers, reducing stress and increasing green leafy vegetable consumption may be a novel

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Proper sleep for preventing cancer in children


Health Desk-- 28 January 2018: Is your child having a tough time sleeping properly? You may need to keep a check

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Antioxidant-rich food helps slow down ageing


Health Desk: 23 January 2018: Slow down ageing, reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes-these are some reasons why

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Fast food may make immune system more aggressive


Health Desk: 15 January 2018: Junk food can make the body’s defences more aggressive in the long term, according to

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