Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017

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10 tips to get running


Samia Huq: 13 December 2017: Running is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do for the entire body.

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Birth control pills still raise Breast Cancer risk


Health Desk: 7th Dec'17: Even newer lower-dose birth control pills raise a woman’s risk of breast cancer, although the actual danger

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Bad diet in teen years could raise breast cancer risk later


Health Desk: 6 December '17: Women who were on a bad diet in their teen years could develop breast cancer later,

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Exercise alone alters our gut Microbiota


Health Desk: 6 December 2017: According to two new studies, it is well established and perhaps unsurprising that what we eat

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'Wear a scarf' to stop asthma attacks


Health Desk: 5 December '17: Asthma sufferers are being encouraged to wear a scarf over their nose and mouth to

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Eating a small portion of Cheese every day reduces heart stroke risk


Health Desk—4 december 2017: Consuming 40 gm cheese every day may reduce the risk of heart stroke and heart attacks,

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Smartphone addiction harmful to teen’s mental health: Study


Health Desk—3rd Dec’17: Is your teenager addicted to smartphone? Are they always active in checking, sharing contents or watching videos?

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Try different masks to hydrate dry skin


Health Desk—Dec 01, 2017: Skin tends to become dry especially in winter season. Besides using cold creams, dry and flaking

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