Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017

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Alzheimer's could be caused by excess sugar


Health Desk-- Feb 24, 2017: A diet, high in sugar, could lead to Alzheimer's, as a study finds a link

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Working from home might be more stressful


Health Desk-- February 17, 2017: Working from home by using electric devices may save energy, time and money, but also

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Foods you should avoid to prevent miscarriage


Health Desk-- February 15, 2017: Nutritious foods are very important for the proper development and healthy body of unborn baby

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Beware! Cardiac disorders increase in winter


Health Desk--10th February, 2017: Cardiac problems can be increased due to cold weather in winter which could be deadly, particularly

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Early diagnosis of cancer saves lives, money


Health Desk-- Feb 05, 2017: World Health Organisation (WHO) in its new guideline aims to improve the chances of survival

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Tips for a natural sound sleep at night


Health Desk-- January 27, 2017: There are many people who can’t sleep naturally. They need medication in this regard. But if

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Does cold weather worsen your stomach?


Health Desk-- January 22, 2017: The digestive system of a person can be damaged in winter if people eat the

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Taking cool showers good for your health


Health Desk--17 January, 2017: Taking cold showers instead of hot showers provides surprising health benefits — from burning fat to

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