Thursday, 21 Jun 2018

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Waking up too often in the night affects brain: Study


Health Desk-- 13th June, 2018: A new study has proved that if anybody wakes up quite frequently or more than

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Nail polish does not affect patient's oxygen levels, new study says


Health Desk-- 3rd June, 2018: A new study shows nail treatments - such as acrylic nails or nail polishes -

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New study casts doubt on 'healthy obesity'


Health Desk-- 31 May, 2018: A large study suggests women who are overweight or obese but otherwise healthy are still

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Water resistant sunscreen claims ‘meaningless’


Health Desk-- 25 May, 2018: Ahead of the summer holiday season, a consumer group has warned that water-resistant sunscreen products work

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Four effective tips for a Healthy Ramadan


Health Desk-- 19 May, 2018: Ramadan is the Arabic month when all Muslims are encouraged to practice self-restraint through fasting and abstinence. Devout

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Study finds link between gut bacteria -heart attack


Health Desk--4th May, 2018: A new study finds that gut microbiome plays an important role in an individual’s risk for atherosclerosis,

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Seven ways to avoid summer colds


Health Desk: 29 April 2018: Summer colds are the worst among the colds in several seasons. If we become careful

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Meditation may lower anxiety, boost heart health


Health Desk: 23 April 2018: Just a single session of meditation can alleviate anxiety and boost heart health, a recent

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