Thursday, 19 Oct 2017

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Handwashing with soap can prevent diarrhoea, pneumonia


Health Desk-- Oct 16, 2017: Speakers at a function on Sunday said regular hands wash with soap before eating and

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7,135 die from breast cancer annually: Report


Health Desk—Oct 14, 2017: In Bangladesh, 14,822 people contract breast cancer, and out of which 7,135 die every year, according

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Care after miscarriage 'not consistent enough'


Health Desk—Oct 11, 2017: Women are not being told all the options when deciding how to dispose of pregnancy remains

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Foods you should eat to make yourself stress free


Health Desk—Oct 08, 2017: Food and happiness are actually inter-related. These foods not only uplift your mood but also help

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Shopping, gardening help older people to lead healthier lives


Health Desk—October 02, 2017: Carrying the shopping, gardening, or vacuuming, can help older people to lead healthier lives for longer,

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Brain activity may prevent insomnia-related depression


Health Desk---Sept 26, 2017: While lack of sleep is a major risk factor for depression, not everyone who tosses and

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Eating nuts staves off obesity risk: Study


Health Desk—Sep 22, 2017: Researchers have suggested to consume nuts as they can help reduce weight as well as lower

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Why you must express your anger


Health Desk—September 17, 2017: We often tag anger as an emotion we are better off without; we wear stones that

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