Sunday, 30 Apr 2017

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Walk to keep your brain active: Study


Health Desk—April 26, 2017: A regular walk in old age not only keeps your heart and muscles active but also

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Diet drinks triple risk of stroke, dementia: Study finds


Health Desk—April 23, 2017: A new study said adults who have at least one diet drink a day are three

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Stretches that you can do in bed easily


Health Desk—April 18, 2017: Stretching is not only good before a workout but is extremely beneficial if done as soon

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Tips to keep your body, mind healthy in Pahela Baishakh


Health Desk—April 14, 2017: Keeping free from hydration throughout the summer day is very important for everybody. Those who indulge

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‘Exercise on empty stomach better for health’


Health Desk—April 10, 2017: A new study has found that exercise on empty stomach is better for health in the long

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‘Smoking pot before 16 may lead to memory loss’


Health Desk—3rd April, 2017: Teenagers, who begin smoking pot as early as 15 or younger, may suffer long-term cognitive impairment,

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‘Excess iron in body may cause liver damage’


Health Desk-- 26 March, 2017: Doctors on Friday warned that hemochromatosis, the excess build-up of iron in the body, can

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’Drug abuse may cause tooth decay, gum disease’


Health Desk—March 18, 2017: A new study found people who are addicted to drugs have more tooth decays and gum

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