Thursday, 27 Jun 2019

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Don’t speak negatives and stay healthy


Health Desk-18 June, 2019: According to psychologists, the majority of conversation that people make is characterised by a complaint.

This happens

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’GM fungus rapidly kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes’


Health Desk- 3 June, 2019: A fungus - genetically enhanced to produce spider toxin - can rapidly kill huge numbers

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Surgeons warn of serious hand injuries from dog leads, collars


Health Desk- 27 May, 2019: Surgeons are warning dog owners not to wrap leads around their fingers or wrist because

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Most effective skin care tips in Ramadan


Health Desk-24 May, 2019: There's no alternative to a well-balanced diet for healthy skin. Include more and more fresh fruits,

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Hypertension a major cause of diabetes: study


Health Desk-18 May, 2019: One in every four people with high blood pressure or hypertension is highly vulnerable to developing

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Hormone 'can reduce some women's chances of miscarriage'


Health Desk- 10 May, 2019: A new study suggests that giving the hormone progesterone to women who have had a

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Call to raise awareness of dementia


Health Desk- 19 April, 2019: Speakers at a programme have underscored the importance of raising awareness on dementia for improving

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Health Hack : Stay cool on Pahela Baishakh


Health Desk-13 April, 2019:  With temperature going above 30 degree Celsius on April 14, don't let the heat dampen your

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