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'Man on the Moon' moment - the year's big breakthroughs

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Health Desk- 31 Dec 2019: It has been a remarkable year of promise in medical science - from inventing ways of treating the untreatable to reversing paralysis and keeping the brain alive after death.

"It was like [being the] first man on the Moon," said 30-year-old Thibault.

He was describing the moment he was able to take his first steps since being paralysed in a fall two years ago.

He can now move all four of his paralysed limbs with a mind-controlled exoskeleton suit.

His movements, particularly walking, are far from perfect and the robo-suit is being used only in the lab.

But researchers say the approach could one day improve patients' quality of life.

Meanwhile, nerves inside paralysed people's bodies have been "rewired" to give movement to their arms and hands.

Patients in Australia can now feed themselves, put on make-up, turn a key, handle money and type at a computer.

Courtesy: BBC Health