Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

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First-ever awake brain surgery for brain tumor

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Health Desk-- 24 March, 2019: This is the first ever awake brain for brain tumor in Bangladesh. Dr Amitabha Chanda is one of the pioneers of Awake Brain Surgery for tumors in India and he has performed the one of the largest numbers of awake brain surgeries for brain tumor in India.

An awake craniotomy is a unique operation performed in the same manner as a conventional craniotomy but with the patient awake during the procedure. This is a preferred technique for operations to remove lesions close to, or involving, eloquent (functionally important) regions of the brain, like area responsible for speech, for movement of limbs. This allowed Dr. Amitabha Chanda to test regions of the brain before they are incised or removed and allowed him to test patient’s function continuously throughout the operation. The overall aim is to minimize the risks of paralysis or loss of speech following such operations.

The tumor was removed completely for the gentleman and he went home in 4 days. The power in the right upper limb improved remarkably after operation.