Monday, 17 Jun 2019

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1,000 midwives take oath to serve in Bangladesh

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Health Desk--31 Aug’18: A total of 1,143 midwives on Thursday took oath before the Health Minister Mohammad Nasim and the representatives of the international community to serve women and girls with “honour and integrity”.

Of them, 593 were posted on June 18 last year, and the rest 550 would join on Sept 1.

Altogether, they took the oath of the profession in a formal ceremony in Dhaka at a grand ‘orientation and recruitment of midwives’ event.

The UNFPA said the purpose of the event was to recognise the achievement of the government of Bangladesh in creating a new cadre in the health care system being filled up by the newly deployed professional midwives.

Health Minister praised the prime minister for her initiative to make nurses and midwives second-class gazetted officers.

He told the newly deployed midwives that they now have a “crucial role to fulfill, and that they will be able to experience great joy when helping the most vulnerable”.

UNFPA Representative in Dhaka Asa Torkelsson said newly deployed “professional midwives will step into their roles as health care providers and become leaders of high quality sexual and reproductive health care for women and girls in Bangladesh”.

Mentionable, about 5,200 women die every year in Bangladesh due to pregnancy or birth-related causes, and 23 out of 1000 newborns do not survive. Two-thirds of these deaths would be preventable.