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BIRDEM General Hospital expanding rapidly (with video)

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Samia Huq—17 March 2018: With an aim to reach healthcare at door step of people, is making regular report on country’s several medical institutions. In this segment here is the the same report on Bangladesh Institute of Research & Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (BIRDEM).

Today we’ll publish exclusive interview which has been taken recently from Prof. Subhagata Choudhury, Project Director of BADAS Laboratory Development Project. Besides physician, he is simultaneously a researcher, translator and writer. 

Here is the first episode on the prominent medical institution for interested readers. What are your responsibilities here in BIRDEM? 

Prof. Subhagata Choudhury: Basically, I’m currently working in Laboratory Medicine in BIRDEM. It’s a laboratory where tests are usually done on clinical specimens. I’m in charge of that Laboratory Medicine. Earlier, I worked as a Director to BIRDEM Laboratory Services till August, 2017. There are many sections under that department like- Clinical Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Histopathology, Endocrinology, Molekularbiologie, virology, Clinical Pathology and Hematology exist here in Laboratory Services. I served there as a Director to laboratory services for about 14 years. Later on, I took retirement from BIRDEM and joined with Bangladesh Diabetes Association (BADAS). Moreover, I’m involved in some researches and also conduct research. I’m also involved in some international research organizations as an adviser. Would you please tell us about your childhood memory?

Prof. Subhagata Choudhury: My childhood memories are interesting, because- I studied in several places. My mother Dr. Manjusree Choudhury was a prominent teacher, inspirer and educationist. She was a professor in Bengali Department. My father was a land lord at that time. He also used to encourage us at our childhood. I went to Santiniketan for study. Actually, what I’m now, was not my interest to be. Life was about to be different. I got myself admitted to Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan. I was a student of Patha Bhavana in my childhood. Then, again started traditional study in school and Sylhet Govt. High School. Then I studied in a college in Faridpur. With my mother’s transfer, I had to change educational institutes. I passed HSC (in Science) from Jagannath College. I passed in the first division in both SSC & HSC. Then I got admitted to Biochemistry honors in DU. I had no interest to be a physician, rather I wanted to be a university teacher. My parents wanted me to be physician. But, finally I observed that, it was not so bad to be a doctor. After doing MBBS, I did Post- graduation in Medical Biochemistry from, Institute of Postgraduate, University of Dhaka (DU). The subject of your research were – Biochemistry, Nutrition and Medical Education System. On Chemical Pathology, I took Fellowship from St Thomas' Hospital, London. Would you please share stories about your research?

Prof. Subhagata Choudhury: Well, when I started research first, I was a student of Masters in IPGMR under DU. I had a deep interest about Cholesterol. It was about increase of Cholesterol level in blood. I was trying to reduce its level by using common materials. At that time, a study was noticed that a group of people in the Southern Africa, Maasai tribe. Their height is very high, commonly 6-7 feet and have no heart disease. In a research, it was found that they eat much curd, a dairy product. This is why their cholesterol usually reduces though they consume much animal protein. There may have a mystery that they contain bacteria in fermented milk or have any beneficial bacteria. I conducted research on this matter seriously. A significant number of people took part in my research. Some of them wanted to know about the content of research. I fed them curd for one month for free. It appeared that the level of cholesterol drastically came under control. It was my first research. Later on, I conducted research on Cholesterol Metabolism again. Aiming to lessen cholesterol, at the time of my work in England, I invented a Multifactorial Diet. Provably, it was the first invention in the earth ever. We noticed cholesterol can be reduced by natural foods. I used to try to heal diseases through natural system. Or whether, it was possible to take pretentious measures. It was subject of the research. The 3rd research was on – Medical Education System while I was a university teacher. As a result, medical teaching used to attract me extremely. Basically, I wanted to bring change in medical education and make it updated. You’re well known as a writer in medical science. How many books are published by this time?

Prof. Subhagata Choudhury: So far, my 54 books were published. I usually write for common people in Bengali. Besides, I’ve translated many books which were published from Bangla Academy. I was the Translator, Co-translator and Editor of Medicine, Kahininama and Anatomy. I was an editor to Medical Science Terminology. Published in 70s from Bangla Academy. Then another book published for medical technologists. Mr. Saad and I jointly wrote the book. There is a story behind it and that is mainly for medical technologists of developing countries. Provably, it’s the first book ever. Another book published from Grontho Kutir. Named-- Susthya Jibonjapon (Healthy Living). Meanwhile, a book named Susthya Jibon has already been published. Hopefully, another book named—Karmajibi Narider Sasthya (Life of Working Women) will be published. All writings are the same to a writer. What’s your favorite book?

Prof. Subhagata Choudhury: My favorite book is Chikitsa Bigganer Abishkerer Kahini (Story of Medical Science Invention). How many books published this year’s book fair?

Prof. Subhagata Choudhury: Three books have been published this year. They are Cancer, Susthya Jibonjapon (Healthy Living) and Karmajibi Narider Sasthya. (Health of Working Women). Besides, old books are also available in the fair. Who inspired you to write? 

Prof. Subhagata Choudhury: To tell the truth, my mother’s inspiration made me a writer. Because, my mother is a researcher on Rabindra Literature. I learnt literature from my mother. I’m not yet a litterateur. But bit touch of literature exist in my write ups, readers inform me. All credit go to my mother. Would you please tell something for common people?

Prof. Subhagata Choudhury: I would like to tell them --- Prevention is better than health protection or treatment. Because, we are running after treatment. Frustratingly, the large hospitals even in city hospitals are highly expensive. It’s time to take preventive measures. For example-- We can take little amount of salt, little sweets and sweet drinks. Even we can avoid fast foods and smoking to make us free from 80% diseases. If we walk and move 30 minutes daily and remain active, it would be better for our health. Nowadays, it’s called ‘Activity into Life’. It’s not advised to exercise at present. Rather, it’s advised to insert activity into living daily. Such as we say, if you’re unable to walk for half an hour, just walk 10 minutes for three times and it’s beneficial for health. So, there is no way to say ‘I’m unable to walk 30 minutes and it’s proofed that both are equal. Even, it’s applicable in 3 times meal which can be taken in 5 times instead of 3 times. As a result, blood sugar can be acceptable. If we can insert such type of habits into our living, we’ll be able to protect our health properly. And we’ll be able to live for long. Ultimately our living will be healthy. It’s my advice that live with sound body.