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UK medics to help tackle diphtheria in Rohingya camp

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Health Desk: 01 January 2018: A team of British medical staff came to Bangladesh to help tackle an outbreak of diphtheria affecting Rohingya refugee camps.

The first of more than 40 doctors, nurses and firefighters already reached Cox's Bazar - at the request of the World Health Organization.

Cox's Bazar is now the new home to more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees who have fled violence in bordering Myanmar.

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt said it was "absolutely right" for the UK to "step up" and help ease the suffering of the Rohingya families.

"This will be an absolutely critical deployment, in a race against time for men, women, and children at risk of dying from one of the world's cruelest infections," she added.

This is the first deployment of Britain's emergency medical team (EMT) since it was certified by the World Health Organization in 2016.