Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018

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Huge deal therapy; a miracle to migraine

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Samia Huq,1 December'17: A new therapy called ‘huge deal’ for preventing migraines can cut the number and severity of attacks. Two clinical trials showed these findings.

About 50% of people in one study halved the number of migraines they had each month. These clinical trials were conducted by researchers at King’s College Hospital.The treatment is the first specifically designed for preventing migraine and uses antibodies to alter the activity of chemicals in the brain.

Research has shown a chemical in the brain - calcitonin gene-related peptide or CGRP - is involved in both pain and sensitivity to sound and light in migraine.

Clinical trials on two of the antibodies have now been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. At the start of the trial, the patients had migraines on an average of eight days a month. The study found 50% of those given the antibody injections halved their number of migraine days per month. About 41% of patients halved their number of migraine days compared with 18% without treatment.

Dr. Andy Dowson, who runs headache services in Kent and London, said: "I am really enthusiastic we have something new that's coming, but we need to know the cost, who will respond and a lot more detail as we go down the line.