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Say hello to heart scan to unlock your computer

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Health Desk---Sept 26, 2017: Researchers have developed a computer security system using the dimensions of the heart as identifiers so it’s time to forget facial recognition technology or fingerprint computer identification.

“No two people with identical hearts have ever been found,” said the study’s lead author Wenyao Xu, Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo in New York.

And people’s hearts do not change shape, unless they suffer from serious heart disease, he said.

The system, which may eventually be used for smartphones and at airport screening barricades, is a safe and potentially more effective alternative to passwords and other biometric identifiers, the researchers said.

“We would like to use it for every computer because everyone needs privacy,” Xu said.

“Logging-in and logging-out are tedious,” he said.

To make sure no one else steps in to run your computer, the system uses low-level Doppler radar to measure your heart, and then continually monitors your heart.