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First free clinic launched inside American mosque!

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Health Desk--- July 19, 2016: A first of its kind free health care clinic will open its doors this weekend at Redmond in Washington.

What makes the non-profit clinic unique is that it will operate inside a mosque at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound.

The clinic is a dream of 23-year old Nehath Sheriff, who recently graduated from the University of Washington and will attend medical school at George Washington University this fall.

"Ever since I decided I wanted to be doctor this was my ultimate dream," said Sheriff.

The clinic will not only serve the Muslim-American community, but anyone in needed of free healthcare.

"In Islam, we learn that saving one person is like saving all of humanity," said Sheriff. "That has always stayed with me."

Sheriff learned to give back at a very young age. Her parents used to visit homeless shelters on family outings.

"And my parents really emphasized, instead of just delivering the food there, they wanted us to sit down and converse with the individuals there," said Sheriff.

The clinic made a push to reach out to several shelters and camps in the area. She says despite living in Redmond, they are surrounded by people in need.

"We are in the middle of two tent cities and the essences of these tent cities are literally tarps," said Sheriff.

The clinic is working in collaboration with the Muslim Community Resource Center and the Rainier Valley Community Clinic.

It started its activities on July 17 for the first time and will keep activities opened from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the third Sunday of every month, Sheriff said.