Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017

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DNA study provides insight into how to live longer


Health Desk—Oct 14, 2017: Every year spent in education adds an average of 11 months to people's lifespan, say scientists.


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Happier marriages for healthier hearts


Health Desk—Oct 11, 2017: Men whose marriages grow stronger over the years have healthier cholesterol and blood pressure than peers

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Government BL College to run medical centre


Health Desk—Oct 08, 2017: A medical centre, launched by B L College Alumni Association, was handed over to the government

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First global pledge to end cholera by 2030


Health Desk—Oct 04, 2017: Aiming to commit to preventing 90% of cholera deaths by 2030, health officials from around the world

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3 Americans win Nobel Prize in medicine


Health Desk—October 02, 2017: The Nobel Prize for medicine has been awarded to three Americans for discoveries about the body's

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Say hello to heart scan to unlock your computer


Health Desk---Sept 26, 2017: Researchers have developed a computer security system using the dimensions of the heart as identifiers so it’s

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New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains


Health Desk—Sep 22, 2017: Scientists have successfully engineered an antibody that attacks 99% of HIV strains and can prevent infection

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Govt decides to provide birth control kits to Rohingyas


Health Desk: Sept 20, 2017--The government has decided to launch a massive birth control campaign among Rohingyas amid fears that

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