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25 hospitalised with mass hysteria in Khagrachhari

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Health Desk—April 19, 2017: Many villagers at remote Toimatai village in Guimara upazila of Khagrachhari were attacked by mass hysteria disease from Monday morning.

At least 25 patients were admitted to Khagrachhari Sadar Hospital in the last two days in this connection.

Mass hysteria also known as collective hysteria, is a phenomenon that transmits collective illusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population in society as a result of rumors and fear.

Hearing about the matter, some people went to the village on Monday afternoon. Priyabani Tripura, a member of the team, said there are 48 families in the village and 41 men and women were affected by mass hysteria. The team admitted 15 patients to the hospital.

A patient in the hospital said he felt dizzy and had palpitations and his body seemed to be burning.

Khagrachhari Sadar Hospital sources said 15 patients were admitted on Monday night and another 10 patients were admitted on Tuesday morning.

Resident Medical Officer Nayan Moy Tripura said the patients will recover in two or three days.

Lead by Civil Surgeon Abdus Salam, a medical team went to the village and brought 10 patients to the hospital.