Monday, 22 Apr 2019

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Nutrition critical to achieving SDGs: Expert

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Health Desk--9 Sep’18: Visiting international economist Prof Jomo Kwame Sundaram on Saturday said Bangladesh needs to address its malnutrition problem in addition to strengthening the focus on renewable energy to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“I would strongly suggest that countries like Bangladesh pay attention to two issues. One of them is food. Don’t leave the problem of malnutrition entirely to the ministry of health, rather recognise that the nutrition is a multi-dimensional issue,” said Prof Sundaram, a renowned expert on the political economy of development.

He was delivering the CPD Anniversary Lecture 2018 at Lakeshore hotel at Gulshan in the city.

Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), a civil society think tank, organised the lecture titled “Assessing the Challenge of SDG Implementation: Food, Energy and Inequality”.

Prof Sundaram, also a former Assistant Secretary General of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), said the total costs of malnutrition may be as high as 5 per cent of the global GDP, equivalent to $ 3.5 trillion.

He observed that Bangladesh has been focusing on poverty alleviation, but it doesn’t recognise the challenge of malnutrition.

The Malaysian expert said, unfortunately, the use of chemical, pesticides and agro-chemicals has affected the food safety in many countries.

CPD chairman Prof Rehman Sobhan chaired the event moderated by CPD distinguished fellow Prof Mustafizur Rahman.