Monday, 18 Feb 2019

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Most Lactalis milk tins sold before salmonella alarm: Bangladesh importer

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Health Desk: 17 January 2018: Bangladesh Food Safety Authority or BFSA earlier published a notice alerting the people to the possible presence to salmonella in Lactalis’ Baby Care 1, Baby Care 1B and Baby Care 2B brought between February and October last year.

It also said it was taking steps to take the Lactalis tins off the shop shelves.

But on Monday, Jawad Ahmed, one of the owners of JES International, the importer of Lactalis products, told they could withdrew only 1,000 cartons out of 8,000 cartons of powdered milk after being asked to recall the products from the market on Dec 22 last year.     

Every cartoon contains 24 tins, which means 168,000 tins are still on shop shelves, or have made their way to consumers.

Jawad said the sold products of Lactalis arrived in July last year and then around 1,000 withdrawn cartons were at their warehouse now.

He also claimed they had the stock experimented in a Bangladesh laboratory but found no bacteria. JES has been importing Lactalis products for 17 years.

In December, during the first recall of its baby formula, Lactalis also suspended the export of Baby Care 3 scheduled for shipment to Bangladesh in 2020.