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Over 8,000 babies to be born today in Bangladesh

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Health Desk: 01 January 2018: According to UNICEF, approximately 8,370 babies will be born in Bangladesh on the first day of 2018.

In a press release issued early today, UNICEF said that Bangladeshi babies will account for 2.17 percent of the estimated 385,793 babies to be born globally on New Year’s Day.

Kiribati’s Christmas Island in the Pacific will most likely welcome 2018’s first baby; the United States, its last. Globally, over half of these births are estimated to take place in nine countries:

• India - 69,070
• China - 44,760
• Nigeria - 20,210
• Pakistan - 14,910
• Indonesia - 13,370
• The United States - 11,280
• The Democratic Republic of Congo - 9,400
• Ethiopia - 9,020
• Bangladesh - 8,370

While many babies will survive, some will not make it past their first day. In 2016, an estimated 2,600 children died within the first 24 hours every day of the year. For almost 2 million newborns, their first week was also their last.

In all, 2.6 million children died before the end of their first month. Among those children, more than 80 percent died from preventable and treatable causes such as premature birth, complications during delivery, and infections like sepsis and pneumonia. 

“This New Year, UNICEF’s resolution is to help give every child more than an hour, more than a day, more than a month - more than survival,” said Stefan Peterson, UNICEF’s Chief of Health. “We call on governments and partners to join the fight to save millions of children’s lives by providing proven, low-cost solutions.”