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‘Heart problems & diabetes spur worries for Bangladesh’

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Health Desk—Oct 10, 2017: The Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (NCD Alliance) has alerted Bangladesh and other South Asian countries about the spread of diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes.

Heart problems and diabetes ranked with conflict and violence among the world’s biggest killers in 2016, a large international study has found.

The matter is more staggering here, as more South Asians are overweight and hypertensive now more than ever‚ making it unlikely that premature heart disease and high blood pressure will be reduced within next few years.

NCDs — including cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes — cause more deaths than all other diseases combined; an estimated 36 million every year in total. And they strike hardest at the world’s low- and middle-income populations, such as Bangladesh’s. NCDs are estimated to cost the global economy $47 trillion in just two decades , equivalent to eradicating $2-a-day poverty for more than half a century.

While talking about the danger that NCDs create in South Asian countries, Katie Dain, the chief executive officer, of NCD Alliance said Bangladesh should be worried as it has become number one killer now. She added that the alarming factor here is that these diseases are affecting comparatively younger people in this regions as around third of deaths occur before the age of 60.