Monday, 21 May 2018

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Narcotics dept comes under ACC hammer

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Health Desk-- May 8, 2017-- Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Iqbal Mahmud on Sunday accused the Department of Narcotics Control of giving “inaccurate addresses” of drug peddlers, which was why, he said, the ACC could not continue with its crackdown against them.

While addressing the seminar titled on “Aggression of drug: what should we do” in the capital's BIAM Foundation Auditorium, he said it was not believable that the narcotics department didn't know who the drug peddlers were.

DNC and Internal Security Services Division of the home ministry jointly organised the seminar.

Many powerful men are behind drug business and none will be spared. “We want to say, either leave this business or go to jail….We do not want Bangladesh to turn into another Philippines…”

DNC chief Salauddin said he was newly appointed and so he would have to check the list of drug traders handed to the ACC before making any comment.

The ACC chief, however, tried to clear the anti-graft body's role in tackling issues of illegal drug business.