Thursday, 04 Jun 2020

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Psychiatrists fear ‘tsunami’ of mental illness after lockdown

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Health Desk- May 17, 2020: Psychiatrists are warning of a “tsunami” of mental illness from problems stored up during lockdown, reports BBC.

They are particularly concerned that children and older adults are not getting the support they need because of school closures, self-isolation, and fear of hospitals. In a survey, psychiatrists reported rises in emergency cases and a drop in routine appointments.

They emphasized that mental-health services were still open for business.

“We are already seeing the devastating impact of Covid-19 on mental health, with more people in crisis,” said Prof Wendy Burn, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

A survey of 1,300 mental-health doctors from across the UK found that 43% had seen a rise in urgent cases while 45% reported a reduction in routine appointments.

One psychiatrist said: “In old-age psychiatry, our patients appear to have evaporated, I think people are too fearful to seek help.”

Another physician wrote: “Many of our patients have developed mental disorders as a direct result of the coronavirus disruption - eg social isolation, increased stress, running out of meds.”