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`30pc teenage girls miss school during period’

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Health Desk- 9 June, 2019: At least 30 percent adolescent girls miss school during their period, and 64 percent of schoolgirls do not receive menstrual health education at their school, said the National Hygiene Survey of 2018.

Proper practice of menstrual hygiene gets hindered due to superstitions, lack of awareness, and the stigma surrounding the issue.

Expert physicians say menstrual health is directly linked to sexuality and reproduction and lack of hygiene can lead to infections and infertility.

They recommend using sanitary napkins or clean, soft cloths; both must be changed or washed at regular intervals.

Chandan Gomez, director of World Vision Bangladesh (WVB), a Christian humanitarian organisation, said women are yet to overcome the many superstitions surrounding menstruation.

Associate professor of gynecology at National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital Dr Afroza Khanom said the stigma around the issue makes mass awareness difficult. “It is unfortunate that we still cannot openly discuss menstruation among family members or in the social sphere,” she said.