Friday, 22 Mar 2019

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Bawa-Garba case: New measures to protect doctors

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Health Desk-- 11th June, 2018: New measures designed to improve patient safety and protect doctors and nurses when mistakes are made, are to be announced by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

It comes after concerns were raised following the case of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba, who was struck off after the death of a six-year-old boy.

Mr Hunt said staff should be able to learn from their mistakes.

Hundreds of medics also signed an open letter in support of Dr Bawa-Garba.

She was found guilty of mistakes in the care of six-year-old Jack Adcock, from Leicestershire, who died of sepsis in 2011.

Following a government review ordered by Mr Hunt, new measures are being introduced.

Professor Norman Williams who conducted the review said that "a clearer understanding" of when manslaughter charges should be brought in healthcare "should lead to fewer criminal investigations".

Professor Williams said criminal investigation should be confined "to just those rare cases where an individual's performance is so 'truly exceptionally bad' that it requires a criminal sanction".

Courtesy: BBC Health