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Combined heart-lung transplant successfully performed in Yashoda Hospitals

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Dr. Apurba Pandit: March 22, 2018-- The team of transplant surgeons at Yashoda Hospitals in Secunderabad of India has successfully performed the first ever combined heart-lung transplantation recently.

Though surgeons in Yashoda Group of Hospitals and some other hospitals in the state have performed a number of Heart, Lung transplantations to different patients before, but it is for the first time that Heart & Lungs were transplanted to a single person simultaneously.

A heart–lung transplant is a procedure carried out to replace both heart and lungs in a single operation. Due to a shortage of suitable donors and due to the fact that both heart and lung have to be transplanted together, it is a rare procedure across the globe.

A 13 years old girl who came to the Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad with both heart and lung damaged because of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) was saved by transplanting both the key organs. Fortunately, the family of a 27 years old brain dead lady agreed to donate her organs which had paved the way for this rare Combined Organ Transplant.

This complicated transplant surgery involves very costly and completely imported medicines. But the financial help is given by the Telangana State Government and humanitarian support of Yashoda Hospitals Management has helped the girl from lower middle-class farmer’s family to afford highly expensive life-saving Combined Organ Transplant.

Along with all this, it is the financial support of Rs. 25 Lakhs by TS Government and Rs.25 Lakhs from Yashoda Hospitals Groups initiative made Nitisha’s Combined Heart & Lung Transplantation, a leap forward for the medical history of the state practically possible. The management of Yashoda Hospitals has made arrangement to supply all the expensive, imported medicines for her treatment at a highly reduced price.

In a press conference, father of Nitisha, Ch. Ramulu thanked Doctors and Management of Yashoda Hospitals for “giving second lease of life” his daughter.