Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

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‘Women’s kidney disease largely overlooked’

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Health Desk-- Mar 04, 2018: Women suffer more from kidney disease but their treatment rate is less than that of male patients as their health conditions are largely overlooked, experts and social workers observed on Saturday.

At a roundtable on ‘kidney and women’s health: gender-based discrimination and how to overcome’, the speakers said that women have some ailments that lead to kidney disease but they have less access to screening, dialysis and kidney transplantation.

At the roundtable organised by Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society to mark the World Kidney Day, the experts and social workers called for awareness so that women could not suffer from discrimination in kidney disease treatment.

Speaking at the discussion at the Daily Star Center in the capital, Kidney Foundation Bangladesh president Harun-Ur-Rashid said that the treatment seeking behaviour of kidney patients in Bangladesh showed that women were discriminated.

Bangladesh Association of Urology president MA Salam said that some ailments like urine infection developed toward kidney disease in women while anti-biotics and pain relievers ultimately damage the kidneys.

Bangladesh Renal Association president Rafiqul Alam said that although women suffered more from kidney disease, their treatment were always overlooked, because they were mostly unable to spend for their own treatment.

Mentionable, this year, the World Kidney Day is being observed across the world on Thursday, March 8, with the theme ‘Kidneys and Women’s Health: Include, Value, Empower’.