Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

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Giving birth on due date 'less risky' for older mums

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Health Desk—Nov 16, 2017: Experts believe stillbirth and newborn death risk could be reduced by offering more pregnant women the chance to give birth on their due date.

Currently, women who are overdue but well are often given a couple of extra weeks to see if labour will happen spontaneously before doctors intervene.

New research suggests bringing forward induction to 40 weeks' gestation may be a safer option for mothers and babies.

The study, in PLOS Medicine, included first-time mothers aged 35 and over.

This is a group that generally has a higher risk of birth complications - although the absolute risk for an individual woman and her baby is still small, say experts.

It is also a group that is growing in number, with 14% of first-time mothers in the UK now aged 35 and over. In 2015 in England and Wales, almost 40,000 women aged 35 or over gave birth to their first baby, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Courtesy: BBC News