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Physicians give patients 48 seconds each: Study

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Health Desk—Nov 10, 2017: A global study has recently revealed physicians in Bangladesh give patients less than one minute on average.

Primary care consultations last less than five minutes for half the world's population, ranging from 48 seconds in Bangladesh to 22.5 minutes in Sweden, according to the study.

Neighbouring India and Pakistan seem to be in better positions, with the length of medical consultation averaging 2.3 minutes and 1.3 minutes, respectively, the study said.

This is a contrast to first-world countries such as Sweden, the US or Norway where a consultation crosses 20 minutes on average.

"It is concerning that 18 countries covering around 50 per cent of the world's population have a latest-reported mean consultation length of five minutes or less. Such a short consultation length is likely to adversely affect patient care and the workload and stress of the consulting physician," said the BMJ study conducted by researchers from various UK hospitals.

The finding of an average 48-second consult across Bangladesh surprised Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council president professor Mohammad Shahidullah.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says there is a link between the quality of medical services and consulting time of physicians with the patients.

The study was published in the UK-based medical journal British Medical Journal on Wednesday.