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Male infertility treatment ‘insensitive’

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Health Desk--2 November 2017: Male infertility care can be insensitive and one-sided, says charity Fertility Network UK which has surveyed men seeking help to become fathers.

Men can feel excluded, with female partners being the main focus of attention in clinics, it found.

The charity says men's needs are too often ignored, which must change.

Gareth Down, 31, set up a support group for men with fertility problems because he says he had nowhere to turn for help when he needed it.

There are many reasons why men can be infertile. The most common cause is poor quality semen, the fluid containing sperm, either because there is a low sperm count, the sperm isn't moving properly or it is abnormal.

Damaged testicles, ejaculation disorders and low levels of testosterone - the male sex hormone - can also cause infertility.

However, 25% of cases of infertility are unexplained in the UK. 


Courtesy: BBC News