Monday, 25 Jun 2018

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'Bark Man' forced to live in isolation for long

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Health Desk—July 1, 2017: A Chinese man has been forced to live in isolation for decades as he is suffering from an incurable condition which makes his skin appear as rough as bark.

Li Xitian, 58, from Weihui in the Henan Province, has been living with the bizarre disorder for nearly six decades.

Cruel neighbours have dubbed him 'Bark Man' due to the cracks in his body as the thick skin spreads all over - like that seen on a tree.

Fearing they will become infected, they have even made him live in isolation to prevent the spread of the condition.

Local reports suggest he is suffering from an extreme cases of psoriasis - a genetic condition triggered by environmental factors.

Despite having spent over 100,000 RMB (£11,300) on medical consultations, Mr Li says his symptoms have yet to be relieved.

Local government is subsidising his expenses and hope the public can provide more resources for his treatment so he may live a more comfortable life. 


Courtesy: Mail Online