Tuesday, 19 Jun 2018

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‘Surgery won't help degenerative knee problems’

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Health Desk: May 13, 2017—International experts said surgery won’t cure chronic knee pain, “locking,” “clicking,” a torn meniscus, or other problems related to knee arthritis.

Every year, more than two million people with degenerative knee problems have arthroscopic surgery, in which a surgeon inserts a tiny camera into the knee and uses small instruments to try to fix what’s wrong.

But guidelines published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal recommend against the procedure for just about everyone with knee arthritis.

The panel, made up of surgeons, physical therapists, clinicians and patients, analysed data from 13 randomised controlled trials - the gold standard way to test medical procedures - involving a total of 1,668 patients.

According to a media report, the trials compared knee arthroscopy to conservative treatments such as exercise and painkillers.