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'Take stroke victim to hospital in 6hr for better result'

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Special Correspondent--- August 9, 2016: Eminent Professor Dr R N Bhattacharya of AMRI Hospital and Ex-President of Neurological Society of India came in Bangladesh to attend to the summit ‘Dhaka Neuroscience Summit-2016’ recently. is the media partner of the event.

World famous neurosurgeon Prof. Bhattacharya has operated more than 400 Arteriovenous malformation (AVM). (Maximum than any Indian Neurosurgeon), and more than 2000 Aneurysm with internationally comparable results. He is considered amongst topmost Neurosurgeons not only in India but Internationally.

Prof. Bhattacharya in an exclusive interview with Noman Patwary, correspondent to, expressed hope on the progress of treatment facilities on neurology in Bangladesh and also shared opinion on measures required to prevent deadly stroke in easiest ways.

Amarhealth: What can I do to prevent stroke risk?

Prof. Bhattacharya: Although heart disease and stroke account for the vast majority of deaths each year in developed countries, we can follow things to reduce our risk. Quit smoking this very day if you are a smoker, do enough exercise, always try to have a healthy diet, don’t touch alcohol, maintain Body Mass Index (BMI) for healthy weight, control your diabetes and Maintain a blood pressure of less than 120/80.

Amarhealth: Which risk factors can’t be denied?

Prof. Bhattacharya: Frustratingly, there are a number of stroke risk factors- gender, age and family history- we cannot avoid them.

Amarhealth: Can I lessen my risk if I’ve already had a stroke?

Prof. Bhattacharya: You are not out of stroke risk even if you have already had a stroke earlier. To reduce your risk it’s important that you should follow- proper medication, ensure regular health check-ups and talk to your doctors whether lifestyle should be changed.

Amarhealth: What is your notion about healthcare in Bangladesh?

Prof. Bhattacharya: Presently, healthcare condition in Bangladesh is not in previous position, rather it’s now a role model for several countries. So, people should have enough trust on their native doctors as their educational background also high.

Amarhealth: Why well-off patients go abroad for treatment?

Prof. Bhattacharya: (Offering a Synchronized Smile he said). A proverb goes in Hindi- "Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar". In short, local talent is not appreciated and looked down upon. I visited Bangladesh 4 times and from my short visits I can honestly utter that there are several numbers of iconoclastic physicians, surgeons and research scientists as well as many modern health institutions in Bangladesh. So, here people can take healthcare with highest trust.

Amarhealth: From 4- decade experience, do you have any advice for citizens?

Prof. Bhattacharya: It’s not an advice yet, rather it is a request to the nationals- please, never lose your hope when any patient in dying moment. Keep in mind, death risk or long term effects of a stroke can be avoided if a stroke victim is treated emergently within 6 hours.